Month: May 2023

Understanding Different Paint Finishes

Unlocking the Mystery of Paint Finishes Paint is more than just choosing the right color for your office or home. The choice of paint finishes is also important with the advancement of paint technology. Each finish is unique, and can have specific effects or uses that enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. This article is…

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What is Interior Design?

Interior design is about planning and creating interior space. It starts with the design and color scheme of a room and continues through the completion of it. Interior design encompasses much more than aesthetics. This includes creating an atmosphere that is both functional and pleasant, while meeting environmental, safety and access requirements. Certified interior design…

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Hardwood Floor Abrasives

Hardwood Floor contractors have to be extremely careful about which abrasive they use on their floors. It is important to use an abrasive that will remove all the stock from the floor without creating an uneven scratch pattern. This is where Virginia and Norton abrasives can help. Abrasives only account for about 3 percent of…

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